Maybe you’re new to Chapel or want to know more about how to get connected.


If you are new to Chapel OR have never been to a Chapel Chat, then this is for you – we share the journey of our story and we hear from you too. These are run a few times throughout the year, keep an eye out on upcoming event dates for the next one!


One important aspect of fellowship is across the table eating food and sharing communion together! Every second Sunday of the month following our second service at 1.30pm is Breaking Bread. Each person has to book a seat via our ‘coming up’ page as seats are limited. Bring a dish/plate to share and register your spot. A great way to meet new people.

Banquet 5

Gold Coast Chapel along with various other churches and ministries supports Banquet5 in helping to provide a grazing table of nourishment for your Spirit, Soul and Body with the aim to equip you for the work of ministry. Equip is a powerful word that has a depth to it which includes the ideas of restoring, retraining, practicing and refurbishing.

BANQUET 5 started in 2021 with the view to serve all people on the Gold Coast. This is not by one church or for one church or even about a church. This is for ‘the church’ no matter where someone’s fellowship may or may not be.  The aim is to lift the spiritual water level on the Coast and the maturity of believers, seeing greater edification to the Body of Christ.

We encourage you to invite someone along to enjoy a course from the banquet together. You are welcome to participate in as many as you like, maybe out of interest, for more understanding, to be challenged or the need for fresh revelation; but for whatever reason, see each course through to the end.

This is just the beginning; be patient, walk the journey. It’s a step, a seed, a drop of water into this beautiful City in which we live.

Visit BANQUET5 for more information.

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