Our Story

Pastors Marshall and Rochelle Gray

In 2012, Marshall, Rochelle and their four children moved to Australia and planted Gold Coast Chapel. The purpose is healthy family with Jesus Christ as the central focus keeping it genuine and simple. 
We want people not to come and ‘do’ church; but be a community of believers. 
So in this rest focused environment; with little expectation or demands, you can start to find who you are and deal with ‘stuff’ which we all have. Building strong friendships and relationships within the community takes time but is very restorative; so the family environment is important.
One of the key realisations is that Sunday isn’t the main ‘teaching time’!
  Our gathering is family time . . . we come together to sing, encourage, connect and share – plus eat together.. and in this we learn to love one another because we get to know one another.
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